What is the average salary for a Software Engineer in Japan?

The average salary for a Software Engineer in Japan is a complicated question, where the company size, industry, programming languages, and spoken language proficiency affects salary in significant ways. Generally speaking, as a new graduate / junior engineers (below 3 years of experience), you are looking at a salary of 3.5M to 6.5M JPY.

General trends of the market

Why is there a large range? Well, as previously mentioned many factors impact your salary and the general trends of the market that determine salary are:

  • Internet/SaaS companies tend to pay a higher salary
  • Gaishikei (foreign companies) and Nikkei (Japanese companies) with global operation tend to pay a higher salary
  • Companies with an international development team (works in English) tend to pay higher compared to development teams that work purely in Japanese

Average salary for Software Engineer

From our experience as technical recruiters, we have experienced that generally speaking below are the average salary for Software Engineer in Japan.

  • New graduate – 2 years of experience: 3.5M to 6.5M JPY
  • 3 years of experience to 7 years of experience: 5M to 12.5M JPY
  • 7 years to 15 years of experience (Team Lead/EM): 7M to 20M JPY
  • 15+ years of experience (EM to Directors/Head of): 10M JPY to 25M JPY

Accordingly to Michael Page Digital team’s data, the below are the average salary that they have gathered for diffrent roles (for IT/SaaS companies)

Data Scientist6M8M10M
Senior Data Scientist9M11M13M
Data Warehouse Engineer6M9M11M
Engineering Manager11M14M17M
IT Director/Head/CTO14M19.5M25M
Network Engineer5M7M9M
Operations Engineer6M8.5M11M
Program Manager6M8M12M
Project Manager6M6M11.3M
Server Engineer5M7M9M
Software Engineer (2-5 years)5M7.3M9.3M
Software Engineers (5-10 years)6.5M9.3M12M
Senior Software Engineer (10+ years)7.5M11M15M
Software Engineer in AI8M11.3M15M
Solutions Architect7M10M13M
QA Engineer6M7.5M9M
Salary data from Michael Page’s Salary Survey by the Digital Team

Where to find company specific salary

For a company-specific salary guide, you can refer to Vorkers.com which is a Japanese version of Glassdoor. The website is in Japanese so if you can’t read Japanese, you can use Google translate.

Be careful when using Vorkers as some of the salary will include non-engineer jobs as well, which may lower the overall average salary as non-technical jobs are paid less compared to technical jobs.