Prepare for System Design interview

System design interview is a popular technical discussion right after the technical screening. This system design interview can be challenging without proper preparation, but the good news is that once you pass the system design interview, you are highly likely to receive an offer!

Often during the interview, you will be asked to brainstorm and design a real-life service/product such as Twitter, shortener, and more. For an example, we recommend you to watch Google Systems Design Interview With An Ex-Googler

Few popular system design questions

  1. Design a URL shortener like TinyURL: this is one of the most popular questions that we see both large and small companies ask. For practice on this question, please refer to here
  2. Design social media platform like Instagram: for practice on this question, please refer to here
  3. Design file sharing service like DropBox: for practice on this question, please refer to here
  4. Design a web crawler like Google/Bing: for practice on this question, please refer to here
  5. Design video streaming service like Netflix: for practice on this question, pleaser refer to here

Resources to help you prepare

  • freecodecamp – has written a blog on the concepts you should understand for any system design interview. Study the concepts listed in the blog at here
  • InterviewBit – has excellent examples of system design questions, with ways to answer them. Refer to here
  • Pramp – a peer to peer technical interview platform, where you can practice your system design interview with other candidates. Refer to here
  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications – if you have time, read this book. It’s an excellent book to provide the fundamentals you need to know for system design interviews. Refer to here