Senario Testing

The most challenging part of the Recruitment Consultant interview will be Scenario Testing, where you are given a hypothetical situation that Recruitment Consultants often face. You will be acting as a Consultant and will need to convince a Client to work with you or a Candidate to apply to your job. In this course, we will go through how you can prepare for your scenario test.

1. Start with a self introduction

In any conversation you must introduce yourself first. I know this sounds obvious, but many people forget to introduce themselves because they get nervous. Introduce yourself quickly, which company you are working for, and why you are calling today. An example may be:

Hello Mr.Yamamoto, my name is Namtae and I work as a consultant for Omiyages, specializing in connecting marketing talents like yourself to exciting Gaishikei opportunities in Tokyo. I was recommended to your profile by a colleague for a BtoB marketing manager for one of our clients and I was wondering if you would have 10-15 minutes to talk.

2. Ask questions first and listen

Best salespeople are the ones who ask questions and listen to the needs of the customer and use that information to sell. Make the person open up, gather information, and customize your pitch accordingly.

Some goods questions you may ask to gather relevant information would be:

  • Since it’s the first time to speak, would be okay to start with a brief self introduction about your background?
  • Are you looking for a new job?
  • (If yes) Why are you looking for a new job?
  • (If no) I understand. While you may not be looking for a new job right now, is there anything that you think is missing from your current work?
  • Is there any company that you may be interested in or would be curious to know more about?

3.Acknowledge their needs and provide a personalized solution

By using the information you gathered in step 2, acknowledge their needs, and provide a personalized solution. For instance, if you are talking with a candidate and you find that they are looking for a job closer to his home in Oimachi, sell a position that is close to Oimachi.

4. Be persistent & end on an action plan

The interviewer will challenge you and you will have to come objections. Remember to be persistent and end on an action plan. Ending on an action plan simply means you have decided and agreed with the candidate on what the next process will be.

We recommend that the next step would be a face to face meeting. Face to face meeting is crucial in further developing your relationship with the candidate. This is how things are usually done, however, given the current Covid-19 situation, meeting face to face is not recommended. Instead, ask for a Zoom or Skype meeting to set aside a longer time and to let the candidate see your face.

Why do candidates need to see your face? Numerous studies have suggested that when a candidate/client has met you in person or at least seen your face, they build a stronger level of trust and make it easier for you to influence that person.

Before you end your conversation with the candidate/client, make sure to set a specific time and date, and let the candidate know that you send a confirmation email. An example may be:

How does 4 PM on Thursday this week at our office in Oimachi sound to you? (…Candidate said yes) Excellent! I will send you a confirmation email for our meeting this Thursday, with instructions on how to get to our office. Once again, thank you so much for your time today and I look forward to meeting with you today.