Screening call with HR or TA

For many companies in Japan after you have applied, the HR or TA will reach out for a screening call, often 30 minutes in length over Zoom or Google Meets. Sometimes this process may be skipped, but it is still important to understand what this call will be about.

It is often a casual call, where the HR/TA go over your CV, trying to understand your background better. Additionally, they want to understand your motivation for applying to the company, making sure that you have researched the company and that there can be good compatibility between the company’s mission & values to your own career goals and values.

This is often a casual call, so nothing to worry about! Just do some research about the company beforehand.

Purpose of this call

So why do I need to do a screening call?

  • This is a good chance for the HR/TA to ask any concerns they have have had about your CV.
  • Many candidates have an attitude of mass applying to as many companies as humanely possible, and hoping at least one will extend an offer. The candidate may have not done a proper research and do not understand the company. Companies want to avoid such candidates, and this call is a chance to make sure that you did your due diligence about the company before applying.
  • The screening call helps HR/TA explain the company’s mission, values, and working environment better. This way, they can make the candidate more excited and interested in the company, increasing the chance of the candidate accepting an offer if extended.
  • You, as a candidate, may have questions about the company. This is a great chance for you to ask any questions you may have.

Make sure that the call will happen with the HR/TA team. If the call is conducted by a technical team instead, such as by the Senior Engineer, this call may be a technical interview. Just make sure to clarify what type of interview this will be with the person who is in charge of your interview process.