Recruitment, a Sales Job

What to Recruiters do?

Recruiters help people find jobs and companies find talent. We act as a bridge between candidates and clients to help create the best match in the shortest amount of time. Our jobs range from:

  • Sourcing talents and speaking to candidates to understand what they are looking for and introducing candidates to relevant opportunities
  • Conducting meetings with our clients to understand their hiring requirements and provide feedback on what is the most realistic hiring approach based on the current market conditions
  • Scheduling interviews and formatting Resumes
  • Receiving feedback on interviews and helping clients address any concerns and helping candidates improve in the next interview
  • Helping clients close the candidate on the offer and helping candidates receive better offers
  • … and much more

So recruiters do a lot of different things and often we are juggling multiple tasks at the same time. So what kind of position is a recruitment consulting?

Recruitment is a branch of human resources, but many people are surprised to learn that recruitment is a sales-position and not a human resources position. This may be surprising, but there are few reasons as to why recruitment is a sales job:

Why is Recruitment a Sales Job? 

  • We only get paid when our Clients hire our Candidates, known as a Placement. As such, like any sales job we are evaluated and compensated based on performance.
  • To make sure placements happen we employ a lot of Sales-related skills, such as researching, data collection, negotiation, conflict resolution, and more.
  • The recruitment industry is highly competitive, as such we need to persuade Clients on why our candidates are better and Candidates on why our jobs are better. 
  • The best example of sales in recruitment is the closing candidate on the offer. Candidates usually have 2-3 offers by the end of their job search, with 1 offer from you and 1-2 offers from your competitors. Your job is convincing your candidate why your offer is better and being able to go back to your client and negotiate with your client for a better offer.

If recruitment is a sales job, by definition we must be selling some products or goods. In a fundamental sense, we sell (1) candidates to clients (2) job opportunities to candidates. But, in a deeper sense what recruiters sell is information.

Recruiters sell information

  • We Sell Information: If candidates want to find a job they can apply directly and see all the jobs posted by our clients. If clients want to hire a candidate, they can post jobs online and reach out directly. The reason candidates use our service is that we know a lot about the client, such as average salary, past interview questions, work-life balance, and so much more. The reason clients use our service is that we know a lot about the candidate, such as the current salary, expected salary, other interview processes, his strengths, background, and so much more.  

Isn’t it also an HR Job? 

  • At its core Recruitment is a sales job because most of your work is being convinced and persuasive. 
  • From time to time there are elements of HR, but this is to make sure our placements follow through and to provide better customer service. 

Do you have any Sales Experience?

Everyone has a sales experience, whether that be from employment, hobbies, volunteering work and so on. Now, think about 2-3 instances of where you had to convince somebody to achieve an objective. Was it succesful? How did you approach it? I will come back to this question in the later topics! Refer to below for example.

Sales Experience as a Teacher

As a teacher you are likely having a trial session where parents, potential students, and other prospective cusomters come to see whether your school is the right choice. You are explaining to the prospective customers what your school’s service is and why your school is better than others.

Often, teachers will ask prospective students numerous questions, such as what the objective is, and based on the answers provide tailored reasons as to why your school is the best choice. For example, if a prospective customer is looking to increase TOEFL Score, you will sell your school’s or your background in years of TOEFL coaching. How did you convince prospective customers that your school is the right choice? 

Sales Experience as a Student

Often as a a student you are part of a circle or a club, whether that be Futsal Circle or the Dance Club. To raise money many of these Circles & Clubs hold fundraising events. For the Fundraising Event you first need to convince people to show up to the event and second make sure the people will spend money at your event.

Likely you are proactively posting posts on Social Media, handing out phamplets, and explaining the benefits of attending your fundraising event. How did you sell your Circles or Club’s Fundraising events?