How agencies find candidates and clients

Where do we find Candidates and Clients?

  • Company-specific Database: This is the go-to option for searching for candidates and clients. In recruitment information is power and every recruitment agency has its own database, where candidate and client information, interaction, and more are listed.  
  • Social Networking Sites: Most popularly LinkedIn is a great place to connect with both candidates and clients. Besides LinkedIn, you can reach out to candidates and clients on Facebook, Twitter, Xing, and other Social Networking/Media sites. 
  • Job Boards and Portals: Think back to when you were searching for a job. Where did you look for a job? Probably you used a job board like Daijobs, Indeed, Bizreach, or Glassdoor. Recruitment Consultants also rely on these job boards and portals to get applicants and find candidates. Also, through job boards, you can see what types of jobs clients are currently hiring. 
  • Referrals: Often when you provide a good service, the chances are your Candidate or Clients know somebody who is looking for a job or hiring. Referrals are a great option because you have a level of reputation and trust that is already built through your referrer. 
  • Networking Events and Meetups: Occasionally Recruitment Consultants will attend Networking Events and Meetups to further network and connect. Attending events in person is great, but the downside is that attending events is the most time-consuming. 

We mostly rely on our Database, LinkedIn, and Referrals

Again, going back to how Recruitment Consultants need to be commercial, we mostly rely on our internal Database and LinkedIn because the time investment vs. returns is the highest. We rarely attend networking events because if you attend a networking event, that can take up 5-6 hours. Through the event, you will often get 3-4 new contacts. 

If you spent 5-6 hours connecting to people through the Database or Social Networking Sites, you will have likely gotten 10-12 new contacts. Always think about Time Investment Vs. Returns.

While Database and LinkedIn is awesome, the best type of candidates who has the highest chance of getting offers are referrals from your candidates/clients. In order to get these referrals, that’s where the elements of human resources and customer service comes in.