General Interview Process

Generally speaking interview process at recruitment agencies in Japan has 4 -6 steps:

  1. CV and Cover Letter screening
  2. Casual call with a recruiter
  3. Personality test ( larger agencies tend to use this test, while small to medium-sized agencies rarely send out a test)
  4. Form of sales performance interview, usually in the form of a scenario testing
  5. Meeting with a few different team members to establish a good cultural fit
  6. Final interview with the director

It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for the entire interview process. The interview may be entirely in English or Japanese or mixed depending on the agency you are applying for. As such, it is recommended that you practice your interview in both English and Japanese.

If your Japanese is not great, don’t worry! There are plenty of recruitment agencies that hire talents that don’t speak Japanese. Your interview performance, however, has to be better than those who are bilingual, so we recommend you to practice 2-3 times harder for the interview.

In this course, we will go over each part of the interview process.