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Top 5 companies in Japan for Non-Japanese speaking Software Engineers

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Many companies in Japan have moved toward creating an international development team, with team members from numerous countries and using English as the main communication language.

In this post, we will explore 5 companies that are famous for their international development team, often providing relocation/visa support and requiring no Japanese.

1. PayPay

PayPay is a mobile payment solution created as a venture between Softbank, Yahoo Japan, and Indian eCommerce company Paytm. They have over 25M users and is one of the most popular mobile payment solution, centered around QR codes.

As a joint project by three international companies, PayPay has an international development team, with many top engineers from India. They offer interesting benefits like super flextime system with no core hour, which can provide great work-life balance.

They are actively hiring, with the company advertising on LinkedIn that they want to hire up to 300 engineers.

You can view PayPay’s job openings here and you can view our page on PayPay here

2. Line

Line is a developer of Japan’s most popular messaging application called Line, with over 200M users. The company also provides other internet services such as mobile payment, games, ride-sharing, etc, with over 1B total users.

The company was originally started by Naver, a Korean internet company, and now they are headquartered in Tokyo, with a major stake owned by Softbank. There are plans to merge Line and Yahoo Japan together.

They hire engineers for offices in Fukuoka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, offering one of the most international development team. The application process for Fukuoka and Tokyo office may defer.

You can view Line Fukuoka’s job openings here and Line Tokyo’s job opening here. You can also view our page on Line here.


Indeed is world’s most popular job board, with over 250 million monthly unique visitors and available in over 60 countries. They started in Texas but was later acquired by Japanese company Recruit Holdings.

The company is still headquartered in the U.S, but as parent organization: Recruit Holdings is headquartered in Tokyo, they have a sizable operation here in Japan.

Indeed’s engineering team here in Japan is known to be home to top engineers and provide one of the most competitive salary and benefits.

You can view Indeed’s job openings here and you view our page on Indeed here.

4. Mercari

Mercari provides a popular flee-market, consumer to consumer marketplace. Think of them like eBay of Japan. Also, they provide a popular mobile payment solution called Merpay, growing to be one of the largest mobile payment solution after acquiring Origami.

With major operations in Japan and U.S, Mercari was Japan’s first Unicorn startup and filed for an IPO in 2018. Their business has seen significant growth during the Coronavirus.

For now, they are prioritizing local applicants due to borders being closed, but on normal occasions they actively hire both local and overseas technical talents.

You can view Mercari’s job opening here and you can view our page on Mercari here.

5. Amazon Japan

Amazon is Japan’s largest online retailer, exceeding Rakuten market share in online retail in Japan according to this article. Also, Amazon Japan is 4th revenue generating country for Amazon, behind U.S, U.K, and Germany.

Given the massive popularity of Amazon in Japan, Amazon holds a development center, distribution center, and major offices in Japan.

The team actively hires technical talents locally and internationally, with full relocation and visa provided.

You can view Amazon Japan’s job opening here.