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The Average Salary of Entry-Level Recruiter in Japan

Base salary: 2.5M – 4.5M JPY

The base salary for entry-level recruiters, which many companies refer to as Resourcer or Associate Consultant, average between 2.5M to 4.5M JPY per year. Monthly this equals out to be around 210,000 JPY to 350,000 JPY before tax. Generally speaking, working for boutiques you can expect lower base salary while working for large recruitment agencies provide a higher base salary.

As an entry-level recruiter, each company has a clear and achievable target around numbers of client and candidate interactions. Most of the time you are expected to graduate from entry-level role within 6 to 12 months of your joining. Upon getting promoted, you can expect around 10 to 20% salary increase.

Bonus structure: 10% to 40% of commission

At some recruitment agencies you may not make commission as an entry-level recruiter as you are shadowing more senior recruiter and cannot engage in activities that would result in commissions. In this case, you can expect to make 10% to 40% of placement fee once you get promoted.

In other companies you can start making commissions immediately. At larger companies you can expect lower commission while at smaller boutique agencies the commission tends to be higher. Also, there is a balance between base and bonus. You will find that companies that offer high base tends to offer lower bonus fee rate. Companies that offer lower base tends to offer high bonus fee rate.

In order for you to be eligible for a bonus at most companies you will need to make a minimum placement fee of around 4M JPY per quarter. If you make below 4M JPY in placement fee per quarter you will not be eligible for a bonus. Once you reach the target, the 10-40% placement fee will be paid out to you as a bonus.

Benefits and Perks

You can expect to receive all the generally offered benefits such as healthcare, pension, social insurances, and transportation costs. Many recruitment agencies, such as Randstad, has started offering flexible working hours as well and casual dress code. Most companies, however, still function in traditional hours and strict formal wear.

Should I negotiate my salary?

Short answer, no do not negotiate your salary. At most agencies there are set templates/guidelines for what the base and bonus structure will be. It is extremely difficult to change the template/guidelines for one employee, and companies will not go that extra mile for an entry-level recruiter.

Instead, you may negotiate starting at a higher, non-entry level role. This would provide higher base salary, although the downside is more responsibilities and higher expectations.

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